The Voice That Changed My life

“Did you ever hear a calm still voice speaking to you in a dream? I did one night as I slept. I was going through so much stress. I had  lost my mother and my middle sister Julie. They both  died unexpectedly due to some traumatic tragedies. My youngest sister and I were having some problems dealing with their deaths, and I think because of it we were not getting along so well.”

“So there was a great deal of stress I was going through. I had feelings of ending my life because I was tired of living; although, I was a strong believer in God, I did not lean on him for guidance. Because I was so preoccupied with my problems and worrying about the things of this world, God needed to get my attention.  In my dream I asked God a question. It pertained to the things I was going through, and I wanted to know when  my life was going to get better. I spoke in the spirit, or what most Christians know of as “speaking speaking in tongues.”

“God Replied back “In due season, all in due time.  His voice was loud enough to wake me up. My ears even quivered as I looked around believing that it was my dad playing a joke on me; but  it wasn’t him. It was my Father God who whispered this into my ear. I went about my day without a thought about the dream until I heard a radio program, where a pastor who does the show said that  the bad things was going to change in our lives all in due season.”

“I ran to the bible and was led to Galatians 6:9  And let us  not become weary of doing good for in due season we will reap if we do not give up. No one couldn’t tell me that was not the Lord giving me a message that I needed to hear. The words in due season was not words I  use every day or if ever in my own vocabulary, so I knew it was God’s language, not my own nor words relatives and friends of mine used.

“I published my book in July 8, 2011; and before I even wrote it I was having some issues where I was becoming depressed and feeling worthless. I even thought about ending my life; however. God came to me in my spirit, and told me that my life was worth it, that I was loved by Him; and that there was something I should be doing for Him. I was instructed by Him to write a book about my experiences with hearing His voice and seeing  angels.”

“He also want me to let people know in this book that the spiritual realm is alive and that we are not alone. There is also a demonic spiritual realm that is dangerous and that we should not get caught up or deceived by it. God told me that when he spoke to me by saying., “In Due Season” it was for a reason. Write this book for His sheep. In Due Season: We Will Hear God’s Voice,  is available in kindle format on it is definitely worth it to hear God’s message and see true events that took place in my life that will leave you in awe; and it will touch your heart. It is a little book with a powerful impact.”

“The message from my experience is for people to realize they are never alone and that God loves them and wants to commune with them constantly. He wants to hear our prayers, and comfort us in our times of trouble and grief. Reading this book will touch your heart and show you the unconditional love God has for us all. If you want to purchase this book you can find it on it is in kindle format and it is also in paperback. Barnes and Noble has it and most bookstores all over the world. It is print on demand, so your local bookstore will order it for you.”

“So if you want to hear God’s message, know that “In Due Season” is also meant for you too. Please leave a review on the websites you purchase the book from and if you would like you can visit my website:  Never underestimate the power of God’s love for you. Enjoy your book!”

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